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THREAD's work with us has been right at the core of the company. I was one of those skeptical people that needed to be convinced that their approach to investing in people, leadership and actively working to nurture a winning culture could drive results. After living it myself and seeing the impact on people and the bottom line, I am now thoroughly convinced.' 

Anna Kleine
CEO Fellowmind and Former CEO HiQ Skåne
Working with THREAD since 2009


Changing behavior and old habits are two of the toughest things to do, especially alone. Working with Kevin and Mats has repeatedly forced me to leave my comfort zone and challenge myself to develop as a person and a leader. Today our company is better than ever and we have evolved into more active leaders who have the courage to lead others despite the uncertainty of a constantly changing environment.'

Jörgen Aronsson, CEO and Co-founder, Implema

Working with THREAD since 2010.



This page highlights a few of the many long-term consulting initiatives we have run since 2009. What they have in common is they all started with a trusted recommendation from someone who has seen us deliver, a challenge and a conversation about 'who we are' and 'where we want to go.'


THREAD Cultural Development Journey


I don't know how we would have succeeded without you. You somehow got us to focus on the things that really matter and inspired us to talk openly with each other and find solutions.'


Åsa Erlandsson, Partner (former CEO),

Setterwalls, Working with THREAD since 2010.

No matter how much 'lipstick' we wear, it is 'who we are' and 'how we act' that determines our true capacity to lead.


THREAD Gorilla

Teaching leaders since 2009.

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