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When you find your dream job, you'll never work again.

  • Founder and CEO of THREAD 

  • 14 years advising investors, boards, CEOs, and management teams pre and post-M&A

  • Designer of customized leadership academies

  • Co-founder and CEO of the Tillväxt initiative (via THREAD at ca. 50%)

  • Board member of the Fryshuset Foundation since 2013

  • Keynote speaker and moderator

  • 8 yrs General Manager 08 Stockholm Human Rights (Basketball Club)

  • Brand management and strategy at Unilever Canada

  • Honours Bachelor of Business Admin, philosophy and ethics minor and basketball team captain at Wilfrid Laurier University

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The world of pro sports taught me what it means to be a leader.

  • Leader of Stadium’s internal leadership program

  • Leader of Implema’s internal leadership program

  • Leader of Technia’s internal leadrship program

  • Team lead Tillväxt Väsby

  • Developed 100+ people in 8-day leadership programs

  • Certified performance coach

  • 134 national team games for Sweden

  • 5 years as national team captain

  • 12 years as a professional basketball player abroad


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Mats Levin


Seeing a person you've worked with everyday for years develop into an international success is a truly inspiring experience.

  • Led teams at the highest level of women's basketball in Sweden to 3 Swedish championships as head coach

  • Swedish national asst. coach senior national team. Head coach u16, u20, world university games.

  • Certified personality assessment coach

  • Current sports consulting in following roles:

  • Head women's coach AIK and manager of Solna Basketball High school

  • Leads Elite Basketball coach educations for the Swedish Basketball Federation

  • Advises young players on the road to international success

Anders Härd


There is so much potential in diversity if we dare to look differently at ourselves and others.

  • Head of recruitment at Tillväxt

  • Project manager of several OpenTHREAD initiatives including 'Tillväxt'

  • Studied entrepreneural leadership at Kaospiloterna in Denmark

  • founded and ran a media production company for 7 years helping companies communicate with video

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Max Lauritzen


Personal development is all about taking responsibility for my thoughts, words and actions. Proactively changing the way I perceive a situation instead of waiting for people around me to change. 

  • Work experience within people/culture for the past +15 years (Hive Streaming, Accedo, Widespace, E-work)

  • Strong knowledge of the start-up, scale-up scene and entrepreneurial driven companies

  • Special focus on what makes coworkers healthy and sustainable long-term

  • Senior advisor people development/leadership/culture/values/HR

  • A bachelor in business administration and a great interest in people, development and purpose 

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