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Margaret Mead.

'We are the conversations we have.'


Our purpose is to create meaningful disruption.

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Leading people and organizations out of survival mode ‘for good.’ That is, permanently and for the betterment of society, themselves and those with whom they interact. We do this by engaging people in purposeful conversations that inspire practical behavioural change. We believe this transition is one of the keys to enabling positive change in the world and making life just a little more fulfilling for everyone.


THREADconsulting // We help CEO’s define why their organizations are meaningful and why anyone should care.  Then we work with them to make it a reality.

THREADsports // We support the development of athletes and sports leaders by improving their ability to lead themselves and others.

OpenTHREAD // We create platforms to make it simpler for business people to contribute to positive change in their local communities.

'Getting stuck in survival mode can turn a talented leader into a non-existent one.'

''It might very well be that Kevin is one of the smartest, and most likable people I have worked with. Ever. THREAD is one of the reasons for our ongoing success at HiQ".

Lars Stugemo, President HiQ International

The drive to be the best.

10 years and still part of the winning team

In 2009, a simple story about how values could unify people around a common cause brought us together with Lars and his leadership team. Their passion to consistently out perform the industry has been inspiring. As a partner we've been able to support the team to define its values, nurture the idea of a value-driven company and work everyday with the complexity of living up to them. In good times and bad. Together we've designed an execute 8-day leadership program which over 100 people have completed, led sales conferences, spoken at conferences, trained the leadership team and travelled throughout the HiQ world. We've learned a lot and made a lot of friends along the way, a true THREAD partnership.

HiQ since 2009

'Life is short. Let's work on things that matter.'

Growth for social inclusion.

Entrepreneurs create jobs. Jobs are good for integration.

Having a successful business career behind him and still ongoing, Michael Treschow is thinking about how he can contribute to social inclusion. He is not the only one. 

In 2017 THREAD gathered some of Sweden's most successful entrepreneurs, lead by Michael, with a common concern about integration and a willingness to do something about it. How could we find a way for these talented and experienced minds to use their skills and networks to contribute in a sustainable way?

With the support of these investors, THREAD initiated the project Tillväxt Stockholm, aiming to accelerate the development of small and medium sized businesses, a sector responsible for 4 out of 5 new jobs in Sweden. In collaboration with our first courageous municipaltiy, Tillväxt Botkyrka was founded in 2018 and is up and running, actively working with entrepreneurs in the region. A complex challenge with great possibilities - just what we love!

"THREAD's capacity to drive the process forward and navigate through complex and unknown territory has been crucial in getting Tillväxt Stockholm established. Without their leadership and executional ability, we would simply not have succeeded'.'

Michael Treschow,

Chairman Tillväxt Stockholm, Former Chairman of the board of Unilever Globally

'We often underestimated the importance of leadership until the day it lets us down. Then there is suddenly nothing more important.'

Tillväxt since 2018



Activate the World!

Not just sporting goods, but a passion to make an impact.

Starting out as a small family business, Stadium has always

been a very passionate company. With success and growth comes the challenge of staying true to

the entrepreneurial spirit the company was build on while adapting to the fast-paced, and increasingly digital, world of retail.

In 2013 THREAD deepened it's relationship with Stadium, assisting the management team in defining the 'Activate the world!' purpose and 'Stadium's DNA,' which became building blocks for THREAD's design of the 'Stadium Leadership Academy.' 

Our friends at Stadium share our passion for sport and turning

every challenge into a chance to learn and get better. That's why

we love to work with them!

STADIUM since 2010

Other fun stuff we've been up to...

'Solving the complex challenges of today is like a team sport. We need a team we can trust and  lots of practice.'

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