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People and Culture M&A Consultant

How we fundamentally assess value, develop, and integrate companies has an exponential impact on business as a system. If we want business to be a source for positive change, we need to fix the primarily short-term financially driven nature of investment. ESG regulation is forcing this change but successful companies are doing more than just complying.

We put the people and purpose back into M&A!

Job Description

The problem

M&A is broken at a time when capital can be one of the biggest accelerators of sustainable change.


Everyone with experience in the industry has a war story about a failed investment or company merger. When you scratch beneath the surface, many realize that an alarming number of failed investments have nothing to do with the business case or the revenue forecasts post-acquisition, and everything to do with the people. After all, 'People drive businesses, not tech, not capital, not business models.' Yet many M&A processes neglect this perspective entirely, or at best, lack a systematic approach for how to evaluate, leverage and monitor it over time. The adrenalin of the deal often overshadows a discussion about whether or not we believe in the purpose behind it, the people involved in it and the mental health and well-being of everyone who will be assigned the task of implementing and realizing the value of the investment. This approach creates the conditions for failure and is a significant 'hidden risk' that many of our friends in the industry struggle with.


Our contribution

For years, our role has been to support investment firms and business executives when it goes wrong, and attempt to turn around or repair toxic cultures and poor leadership. In the last 5 years, however, we have worked increasingly with forward-thinking investment firms and company executives who recognize the need for a more proactive approach. The pace of change, ESG regulations and the expectations of founders and employees and the cost of capital have increased the need to work proactively and systematically with the people and culture of the organism in, and around, an investment. Our focus is on 'putting the people and purpose back in M&A,' as a trusted advisor throughout the process. We believe the industry is in need of change and we have dedicated ourselves to unleashing the potential of people in driving business value and social impact (which we see as complementary.)


This role

We have had a fair amount of success in this niche and need to increase the capacity of our team to better serve our clients and accelerate the pace of change in the industry. This role requires the ability to earn a 'trusted advisor' relationship with primarily CEO's and investors. Specifically, this means both selling and delivering projects as a part of THREAD's business consulting team. We operate in a demanding and challenging niche: pre-M&A, during DD, and post-M&A.


Our customers

In the last few yrs alone, our small team has built a solid foundation working with Industifonden, Monterro, Bonnier Ventures, Evolver equity, Addnode group, HiQ, Fairpoint Capital and Brightly to name a few. We are a passionate team with 14 years of hard work behind us, cultivating meaningful relationships with senior executives and investors. Over 500 of them have been a part of 8-10 day training programs we have provided over the past decade and moved into the investor space. This has established a network within which we see an opportunity to do more, inspire, add value, and ultimately make a positive impact on society.


Our Values

We go first.

We learn fast.

We leave a legacy.


Your Responsibilities

  • Quickly assess and diagnose business challenges, and provide real value-adding solutions, within the people and culture domain, to leaders at the top of their field.

  • This includes but is not limited to, complex c level sales, conducting cultural audits, founder and executive team DD, business development and strategy, workshop facilitation (IRL and Virtual,) project management, executive leadership training and coaching, and conflict resolution in high-pressure situations.


Your Qualifications

  • Highly valued: been responsible for your own P&L, existing network, experience with mergers and acquisitions, c-level sales experience, led and managed others, succeeded in a consulting role business, facilitated and trained management teams (preferred), or other relevant education, succeeded working in teams.

  • Other: Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Swedish and English, quick to adapt technology, and efficient in a hybrid work environment (slack, miro, zoom/teams/meet, co-working spaces, onsite with customers, offsite with customers (in Sweden, outside Sweden), able to take ownership and earn respect from senior business people.


Our Work Environment

THREAD has four active teams that work relatively independently of each other (Business Consulting, Tillväxt Botkyrka, Tillväxt Väsby and THREADsports.) A total of 15 people are involved. Your role would be within the business consulting team, which currently has 3 people and is looking to grow to between 6-10 persons in the next few years. We are not a big corporate entity. We have an entrepreneurial approach and very little hierarchy. We support each other and take a high level of individual responsibility to do good work, be financially sustainable and contribute to our purpose of creating meaningful disruption.


The company journey

We are moving from a founder-driven company to a team of skilled consultants on a mission to accelerate the pace of the change the world needs. We will likely be closer to 40-50 people in the next five years, but we will grow at a pace that is both sustainable and good for our clients. This involves recruiting a few key people who have similar skills and values and can not only contribute to this journey but help catalyze it.


If this sounds interesting, don't hesitate to start the conversation by applying.


A Final word from Kevin

''We are a values-driven entrepreneurial business with a lot of different things going on. So, even if this role doesn't fit you perfectly, feel free to reach out if you feel you can contribute in some way to where we are headed. We believe we have a platform, but specific job descriptions are something we are happy to co-create with you.''

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