The disruption

The pattern: A family run company develops a strong genuine culture that attracts loyal and motivated people to join the team. The company grows and the founders enter a new phase of life with an aim to be less operationally involved and transition over to the next generation. At the same time the retail industry is changing fast and the need to adapt is greater than ever. The risk is that the culture erodes in the face of these challenges. The disruption: To keep that spirit alive has demanded leadership, tenacity and most of all, an honest conversation at the top. THREAD has been a trusted partner in facilitating, inspiring, and conceptualizing that discussion to help keep Stadium real, to keep Stadium together and to keep Stadium winning.

The work

THREAD has had a deep relationship with Stadium since 2010, assisting the management team in defining the 'Activate the world!' purpose and 'Stadium's DNA,' which became building blocks for the company and for THREAD's design of the 'Stadium Leadership Academy.' Our friends at Stadium share our passion for sport and turning every challenge into a chance to learn and get better. That's why we love to work with them! + Several offsites with management team/owners and workshops leading up to the articulation of Stadiums values (High 5/DNA) and vision (Activate the World) + Ongoing cultural development strategy consultation to align organization and adapt to changing conditions + Development, custom design and execution of Stadium Leadership Academy. Over 150 people through the 7-8 day program so far. + Departmental team consulting + Workshops and consultation around artificial intelligence and leading change as retail becomes increasingly digital. + Keynotes and workshops at kickoffs and events around leadership, teams and values.

The references

HR Director at a time of leadership transition ‘Kevin has the ability to find answers where you least expect them, the talent to interest organizations in self-reflection and the guts to confront the truth.' Klas Westman, Former HR Director, Stadium ''THREAD's work with us to establish and lead the Stadium Leadership Academy has been, and will continue to be a major contributor to our ability to succeed. We are heavily influenced by the new digital landscape and with the help of THREAD, our leaders are embracing the challenge!'' Magnus Wåhlander, GM Stadium Concept

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