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The disruption

The pattern: Changing industries, digitialization and jobb loss and at the same time extremely high levels of integration to Sweden and a risk for mass unemployment. The disruption: 4 of 5 jobs are created by small businesses in Sweden, yet their growth is limited primarily by a lack of relevant competence. With challenges this complex we determined the need for cross-sector collaboration and new models for creating social impact. THREAD initiated 'Tillväxt Stockholm.'

The work

In 2017 THREAD gathered some of Sweden's most successful entrepreneurs and business leaders, including Michael Treschow and Alexander af Jochnick, with a common concern about integration and a willingness to do something about it. How could we find a way for these talented and experienced minds to use their skills and networks to contribute in a sustainable way? With the support of these investors, THREAD initiated the project Tillväxt Stockholm, aiming to accelerate the development of small and medium sized businesses, a sector responsible for 4 out of 5 new jobs in Sweden. In collaboration with our first courageous municipality, Tillväxt Botkyrka was founded in 2018 and is up and running, actively working with entrepreneurs in the region. Since 2020, our second initiative Tillväxt Väsby, is also up and running. A complex challenge with great possibilities - just what we love!

The references

Kevin and his team were the driving force behind the establishment of the Tillväxt Stockholm foundation, bringing all of us investors together and leading with a passion and determination to make a difference. Without that unique combination of hard work, creativity and entrepreneurial drive we would not be where we are today.