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  • The disruption
    The pattern: As a company grows, patterns emerge and despite success, the culture of the company can erode. HiQ has always been about passionate people. It has been about smart people doing great stuff together, solving customer problems and loving the process. These ingredients have made HiQ the industry leader for more than a decade and led to great results. But when we met there was a danger that the culture would be replaced by spreadsheets, coffee machines, fancy titles and aquisition strategies. The disruption: To keep that spirit alive has demanded leadership, tenacity and most of all, an honest conversation at the top. THREAD has been a trusted partner in facilitating, inspiring, and conceptualizing that discussion to help keep HiQ real, to keep HiQ together and to keep HiQ winning.
  • The work
    In 2009, a simple story about how values could unify people around a common cause brought us together with Lars and his leadership team. Their passion to consistently outperform the industry has been inspiring. As a partner we've been able to support the team to define its values, nurture the idea of a values-driven company and work everyday with the complexity of living up to them. Through the ups and downs of various business cycles, we've stuck together. We've: + run management team offsites (>15) + conceptualized output and strategy (>80) + led sales conferences (>5) + delivered key notes (>5) + run consulting conferences (>10) + designed an executed the 8-day leadership training academy program which over 100 people have completed (8 groups of 12-20 pax) We've travelled throughout the HiQ world. We've learned a lot and made a lot of friends along the way, a true THREAD partnership that continues today. We are proud and fired up about being a part of the winning team!
  • The references
    ‘I´ve been in the professional services business for more than 30 years, and I co-founded HiQ in 1995. HiQ is now a listed IT-company with the best brand and position among our peers in the Nordics. We employ more than 1600 talented and extraordinary brainy people with the common mission to make the world a better place by simplifying the lives of us ordinary people. I have always had the great pleasure to meet, greet and work with the smartest brains and biggest talents across industries over the years. Kevin is definitely one of those – working with Kevin is sheer pleasure and professionalism in the same package. And, it might very well be that Kevin is one of the smartest, and most likeable, people I worked with. Ever. His outstanding commitment to results and the courage shown by Kevin is second to none. He is one of the reasons for our ongoing success at HiQ. I would feel sorry for anyone who decided not to work with him. However. I would never recommend him to any of our competitors, he is that good.' Lars Stugemo, President and CEO, HiQ International ‘THREAD's work with us has been right at the core of the company. I was one of those skeptical people that needed to be convinced that their approach to investing in people, leadership and actively working to nurture a winning culture could drive results. After living it myself and seeing the impact on people and the bottom line, I am now thoroughly convinced.' Anna Kleine, CEO, HiQ Skåne
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